Network Spinal Analysis

Network Spinal Analysis

Dr. Mary utilizes an approach known as Network Spinal Analysis, aka Network Care. It is a light-touch method that creates the ability for the central nervous system to reorganize its usual response to stress and protective patterns. Network imparts a new, more refined neural integrity, resulting in a resetting of the autonomic nervous system from Fight and Flight, to Rest and Digest. This is a wonderful platform for growth and change! Most Network offices report about a 75% to 80% reduction, if not resolution, of presenting symptoms.

Dr. Mary’s practice is consistent with these outcomes. Some of the benefits most commonly reported by Network practice members in the research studies* include:

—-Happier, with a more positive attitude toward oneself and others.

—Fewer pain-related symptoms and greater flexibility.

—Better response to stress, specifically, calmer, less reactive.

—Better relationships with oneself, others, work, and environment.

—Increased personal energy, more engaged with life.

*The Chiropractic Journal, Sept. 2000. see “Network Research” page on this site.