Network Spinal Analysis

Dr. Mary utilizes an approach known as Network Spinal Analysis. It is a light-touch method that releases tension and holding patterns from the spine and muscles. Much current research has been and is being conducted around this novel approach.
This methodology does not require that practitioners “pop bones” to create ease and better structural alignment. Rather, these goals are accomplished by reducing tension patterns. Most Network offices achieve about a 75% to 80% reduction, if not resolution, of presenting symptoms. Dr. Mary’s practice is consistent with this pattern.

Some the benefits most commonly reported by Network practice members in the research studies include:

—Happier, with a more positive attitude toward oneself and others

—Fewer pain-related symptoms and greater flexibility

—Better response to stress, specifically, calmer, less reactive

—Better relationships with oneself, others, and environment

—Increased personal energy for life, more interactive with life