Dr. Mary Traverse, now in Network practice for over 25 years, has successfully and intentionally created a welcoming oasis of warmth and wholeness in The Wellness Studio. It’s a place where practice members can experience a re-set of their nervous systems from a state of tension and hyper vigilance, or even burnout, into ease and peace. It’s a place of healing, love, learning, humor, and purpose. People experience life’s pains and challenges through a new lens, transforming limitations into a greater capacity for life. One of our goals is to empower you to make choices that enhance your life and who you are.

Dr. Mary is a compassionate and empathetic coach for nutrition and lifestyle choices, following each person’s style and pace to establish a plan for wellness. Set into the context of Network Care, this is a powerful life-changing approach.

Dr. Mary purposefully makes herself accessible with an exceptional quantity of direct patient contact. She and her husband, Greg, run the practice themselves and see that needs are met with high quality affordable Network Care. Dr. Mary and Greg  strive to maintain a calm and comfortable, never pretentious, environment, and are profoundly grateful and honored when you choose them to assist and guide you in your quest for wellness!